Monday, March 7, 2016

2006 Valuegren V425 X-Ray and JP-33 Processor available for sale, direct with medical facility

Talk Imaging, LLC.
Has the following equipment available for sale,
Direct with medical facility

2006 Valuegren V425 X-Ray
(DSP, High Frequency X-Ray generator, Single tube RAD)
With JP-33 Processor
V-425 generator 30 Kw of power; 400mA, 125 kVp only requires a 65 amp breaker at 187/250 volts, single phase outlet
TS-3500 tube stand with electromagnetic locks & 10' long rail.
1.0-2.0mm X-Ray tube 140 Khu.

JP-33 Processor:
Fully microprocessor controls and maintains all function of the 

If you are interested please contact me
Frank Sanchez @ 
Talk Imaging, LLC. 
Phone: 646-524-3307